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The difference a wealth plan can make

The difference a wealth plan can make

A solid wealth plan ensures you have a financial strategy that supports your aspirations.


Once we understand your lifestyle goals, we look at the current path of your finances to ensure that you are on track to meet them through retirement and beyond.

What we do

  • Analyze the sustainability of your wealth through retirement and beyond
  • Understand the risks you may be exposed to and identify strategies that can protect you and your family
  • Understand your net worth and cash flow needs, both today and in the future
  • Explore how your wealth grows over time under different scenarios
  • Understand the projected value of your estate
  • Identify strategies to minimize taxes
  • Explore ways to transfer wealth efficiently according to your wishes
  • Identify opportunities to optimize your investment strategy

How we do wealth planning

  • Goals Discovery

    We start by discussing your priorities, lifestyle, retirement goals and the legacy that you envision.

  • Financial Situation Review

    We holistically assess your current and projected financial situation, incorporating various inputs and scenarios.

  • Wealth Plan

    We prepare a detailed analysis with projections and recommendations aimed to address your goals.

  • Plan Review

    We review your plan to ensure it stays up to date with your goals, and to account for any changes in your personal and financial situation.

Wealth Plan

Life is complex and full of changes. A solid wealth strategy is more than just income and expenses, it focuses on your life and brings clarity to your financial path.

Spending Scenarios

Spending scenarios include different projections to show you variations of your base case. This provides key insights into how small changes can make a big difference.

Rate of Return Scenarios

Reviewing the range of possible returns is critical to helping you plan to take advantage of the good times, and be secure in down markets.

Investments Analysis

Your risk tolerance can change as quickly as your life circumstances. Your team at Gluskin Sheff will ensure your investment portfolio evolves with you.

Cash Flow Projections

Your current and long term purchasing power directly impacts your lifestyle. Your wealth plan will help clarify cash inflows and outflows empowering you to make informed decisions.

Net Worth Analysis

Starting with your current financial situation, a wealth plan will forecast your net worth by factoring in different variables. This will help us understand the impact of every circumstance.

Tax & Estate Analysis

Tax and wealth transfer strategies are important components of a holistic wealth plan. The process of developing your personalized wealth plan includes tax and estate considerations.

Understand what you can control

Your wealth plan should fully optimize the financial factors that are within your control. In addition, it should always evaluate and prepare for life and market factors that are often out of your control.

Full Control
  • Saving and spending habits
  • Asset allocation, estate planning and structuring
Some Control
  • Employment earnings and career duration
  • Health and longevity
No Control
  • Economic and market conditions
  • Tax rates and policy changes

The better we understand your overall financial situation, the better we can manage your investments.

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