Istvan Soos

Fixed Income Analyst

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Istvan Soos - Fixed Income Analyst

As an Analyst in the Investment Management team, Istvan Soos is responsible for developing quantitative tools focusing on fixed income.


Prior to joining Gluskin Sheff in 2018, Istvan was a co-op student for two terms with Gluskin Sheff’s Investment Management team. He also held co-op roles in quantitative investing and derivatives trading at CPPIB and TD.


What are your favourite books to recommend?

Antifragile by Taleb


How do you measure success?

Performance through a downturn.


What is your own investment philosophy?

Take risks you can measure, hedge what you can’t measure.

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  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) candidate


  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Systems Design Engineering with an option in Statistics, University of Waterloo (Honours)

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